Please, pleeeease, help end brutality to crustaceans

The government is currently planning a raft of new animal welfare legislation, including a potential Sentience Bill, which would require government policy makers to protect animals as sentient beings after Britain leaves the EU. Defra are deciding NOW whether decapods should be included under its protections. If they are, it would finally help give crabs, lobsters and other crustaceans the protection from cruelty they deserve.

Crustacean Compassion needs you to urgently ask your MP to ensure crabs and lobsters are included in the Sentience Bill.

As a nation of animal lovers, most of us wouldn’t dream of boiling an animal alive, ripping their limbs off without pain relief, or denying them basic freedom of movement.

Yet this is exactly what happens on a daily basis to millions of crabs, lobsters and crayfish. These animals are now widely regarded by leading experts and professional bodies to be sentient creatures – capable of experiencing pain.

Despite scientific consensus that decapod crustaceans feel pain, the UK Government are yet to provide any form of legal protection for these animals.

There is wide support from eminent scientists, national veterinary bodies and animal welfare organisations to include decapod crustaceans in the UK’s animal welfare laws. Over 54,000 people have signed the Crustacean Compassion petition calling for their protection so far.

And there is hope on the horizon. The UK Government will soon be considering a new piece of legislation following Brexit – the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill. This legislation would serve to recognise the sentience of animals in UK law, carrying over a duty previously imposed by the EU to ensure the basis for animal protection.

But decapod crustaceans are at risk of being excluded from this new legislation.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs have opened an investigation into whether decapod crustaceans are capable of feeling pain. But there is a chance these animals may be excluded from legislation that would serve to recognise their sentience.

We think this is unacceptable.

We need your support so the government knows that people care about this issue. Please do not let these animals be forgotten.

PLEASE Ask your MP to speak out for decapod crustaceans and ensure they are not forgotten in the Sentience Bill.

To find out more about Crustacean Compassion’s work to protect decapod crustaceans (and cephalopods), visit

Thank you.

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Another year, another bunch of babies

I said I would do this every year until Raystede went vegan, but last year I didn’t because it was lockdown, Raystede was closed to the public, and I thought I’d give them some breathing space in the hope that they’d come to their senses. Sadly they haven’t so we begin again.

I promised to publish photos of dairy babies every year for the duration of this campaign because these gentle souls are usually forgotten in the consumption of milk, butter, cheese and ice cream. They deserve to be remembered.

These adorable tots have only been in this field for a few days now but they might remain here for a few months. The ones from last year did. And the ones before that. And the ones before that. Their brief motherless lives will end after that, unless they’re female and required by the farmer to provide milk like their enslaved parent. If that is the case they may survive another five years or so. Five years of annual rape, impregnation and child loss.

And for what? For milk, butter, cheese and ice cream. Don’t those people know it’s the twenty first century? Don’t they know that there are luxurious cruelty-free alternatives to all these things?

Write to and tell them to remember these babies and thousands like them who are born to die on dairy farms in this country every year.

And tell them about the many many cruelty-free options they could be selling INSTEAD OF dairy ice cream. Here are just a few examples:

Cado Avocado Ice Cream | The First Avocado Based Ice Cream

Thank you for signing our petition to make Raystede vegan and your continued support. I’ll end by sharing a photo of someone who Raystede would love and protect, meeting someone who Raystede would serve on a plate.

Thank you for sharing – Tweet to @Raystede

Is Raystede a part of the Meat Industry Strategic Plan?

So, here’s my train of thought:

I have great difficulty understanding why Raystede won’t make their cafe vegan. It would be very easy to do and would end the annoying protest which damages their reputation. Surely it must be more than just stubbornness that prevents them.

I recalled something Morgan Williams, Raystede’s president, said in a newspaper report about the Make Raystede Vegan campaign.  As if it justified their cafe serving animal products, he said that Miss Raymonde-Hawkins (their late founder who was not a meat eater) had “secured legacies and funding from a wide range of supporters”.  At the time, I wondered why he said that. No one had asked him who their donors were. Why was he being defensive about funding?

Then I remembered some research I’d done about meat companies who donate large sums of money to organisations they call “influencers”. They call it strategic investment.

For example, in a report by the Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC) – Meat Industry Strategic Plan Report 2011-2013 – they write about the AMPC’s plans to “Develop, implement and verify a set of robust, credible standards for environmental stewardship, animal welfare and ethical behaviour”. Under the heading of Marketing, they add that their priorities include the continuation of “investment and communication of the evidence on the benefit of healthy beef and lamb diets for meeting nutrient requirements and preventing obesity and chronic disease at key life stages”. They state that they “manage issues by gaining support from key influencers by partnership (eg Dieticians Association of Australia)”. And they “Deliver key health messages to GPs, child health nurses, and nutrition experts”. They spend millions of dollars on this. $33 Million in 5 years.

So the dieticians, doctors and nurses are the key influencers to convince people that meat is healthy. Who do you think the key influencers would be to convince people that the meat industry has high animal welfare standards?

Is it possible that former Raystede trustees, years ago, accepted a large donation from a meat company on condition that they open a cafe that sells animal products, thus communicating to their visitors that meat, fish and dairy can be humane, to keep them buying it? And if this is true, if they accepted a donation with conditions, can they legally break those conditions now?

Law degree anyone?

This is, of course, all speculation because they won’t speak to us, but let me just add one final piece of information. On Raystede’s new articles of association, as amended by special resolution of the members on 13 December 2018, there has been added a clause which wasn’t in the original 1964 or the 2012 Articles.

Under Section 2: Powers [of the charity]:

2.9 to refuse to accept a gift or gifts of any form, whether financial or otherwise, if to accept it would be

2.9.1 unlawful; or

2.9.2 within the judgment of the Trustees, in all the circumstances, detrimental to the achievement of the Objects.

Maybe they want to make sure it doesn’t happen again?

Here we go again!

If you visited Raystede’s website during lockdown your spirits might have been lifted.  On their cafe page, because the cafe wasn’t open, they shared recipes, and every single one of them was vegan.  Some of us may have dared to hope that the covid crisis (caused by animal slaughter) had helped them finally come into the light.

This campaign purposely refrained from contacting them during this time in the hope that, if we let them breathe, they might make the right decision on their own.  After all, as long as the cafe was closed they weren’t having any animals killed.  And because they were sharing only vegan recipes they might have inspired their supporters to give plant-based a go.  The fact that they did that was a very good sign.  And they had six months to prepare a new and exciting, exclusively cruelty-free, menu.

Imagine our disappointment when we found they had reopened and gone back to business as usual.

It’s ok, this piglet was free range.

So, here we go again.  We don’t stop ’til you stop Raystede.

Here is @Raystede founder’s quote #8 to share:

“It is somewhat the act of the ostrich to be willing to do, by proxy, what one has not the courage to do oneself in the slaughterhouse. … The slaughterhouse is an unpopular subject for discussion, and the more fond the meat-eater is of his steak and two vegetables, the less he seems to like discussing the market and the slaughterhouse.”

From Mercy On Us [1967] by Miss M Raymonde-Hawkins MBE

Thank you for continuing to phone, write to and email Raystede regarding your anger and disappointment that they still have cows, pigs and fish killed in the name of animal welfare.  And please sign the petition and share as wide as you can on social media.

For the animals.


Here is @Raystede founder’s quote #7 to share

Please help by sharing the words of Miss Raymonde-Hawkins, founder of Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare, so that those now in charge of the sanctuary can’t continue to ignore her.

In the seventh of these excerpts from her books she makes clear that someone who looks the other way when animals are being cruelly treated is as guilty as the perpetrators. Would you breed and slaughter animals at your sanctuary Raystede? No? Then why are you paying for someone else to do it?

“We must be less cautious, we must forge ahead with less timidity and decide that all cruelty is wrong and that all cruelty should be punished and eliminated.  Although we know that human beings will go on being greedy and go on being selfish, there should at least be the full use of legislation which can punish them when their greed causes suffering and cruelty to any animal.  It is their inability to express themselves in words, that creates the impelling urge to speak and act for them.  To watch a lame horse worked and to say nothing is almost as great a crime as that caused by the rider.”

from Sensible Pets and Silly People [1990], page 184, by Miss M Raymonde-Hawkins MBE.

As always, thank you all so much for continuing to share these messages on social media and with Raystede directly.

For the animals.



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Here is @Raystede founder’s quote #6 to share

“Those of us who have grown old in the work and who have so little to encourage us for the future welfare of animals can at least only hope that having carried the banner so far, we can, in falling, fling it to the hosts behind to carry on the work and hope that they will be more successful than we have been during this century.

“An unhappy note on which to end? May it be a far and penetrating call – a long clear call to many to whom we plead to think more seriously, to work more earnestly for the alleviation of all suffering for those who cannot speak for themselves.”

From Sensible Pets and Silly People [1990], page 184, by Miss M Raymonde-Hawkins MBE (1902 – 1998) founder of Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare.  This quote is so telling of how she worried for the future of Raystede and what would happen to it after she’d gone.  It is a desperate plea to those left in charge to follow her example and show compassion to ALL ‘who cannot speak for themselves’.  And boy have they let her down!

Please urge Raystede to listen and make their cafe vegan – to honour their founder’s wishes.  For the sake of ALL animals.

Thanks so much to all of you who do work earnestly for the alleviation of all suffering.  Thank you for sharing this far and wide and helping us to make Miss Raymonde-Hawkins’ voice heard.


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Here is @Raystede founder’s quote #5 to share

“We cannot wait for pie in the sky promises, we must act much more seriously here and now in this period and not leave it to some overall Hand [of God] to put things right. Things have gone wrong. Things have got worse. The sparrows go on falling. The sheep go on suffering and it is time many more of us did much more about it.”

From Sensible Pets and Silly People [1990], page 183,

by Miss M Raymonde-Hawkins MBE (1902 – 1998) founder of Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare which, after she died, opened a cafe that sells meat, fish, eggs and dairy for which approximately 10,000 animals are killed annually.


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@Raystede founder’s quote #4 to share

“… taken at a matter of days old, hundreds of miles out of this country to places abroad, in order that the farmers can have a little extra profit. The whole greed of man has caused so much suffering, that the groan of travail that goes up from those who cannot speak for themselves is indeed grievous.

“Greed, desire for money, profit, is the main cause of animals suffering.”

Sensible Pets and Silly People [1990], page 182,

by Miss M Raymonde-Hawkins MBE,

founder of @Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare, East Sussex.

Ironically today, Raystede’s excuse for serving animal products in their cafe is to raise MONEY to look after the animals in their care.

Thank you so much for sharing.


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@Raystede founder’s quote #3 to share

“Education is all important and in a very small way Raystede has tried to promote right thinking by its literature and talks. We speak at an average of three meetings a week through the winter months. These talks are usually given to the older people who are confirmed in their ways, and in the occupation of their leisure, and therefore unlikely to take up animal welfare work. And also most adults have a fixed mental attitude such as “Oh I adore cats” or “I hate dogs” or the more sentimental ones [referring to euthanasia] say “you cannot possibly take life” (the same day they will probably be standing looking in a butchers’ shop to see whether they shall have a piece of cow or a piece of lamb for their next day’s dinner!) So that although I am happy to speak to groups of people of adult age range yet I know that the great value lies in an opportunity to talk to children.”

From Sensible Pets and Silly People [1990], page 181, by Miss M Raymonde-Hawkins MBE, founder of @Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare, East Sussex.

Thank you so much for sharing.


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@Raystede founder’s quote #2 to share

“Raystede has grown in thirty-five years from two of us to forty of us, from four hundred of us to eight thousand of us, and also many Friends who support us from without but are not necessarily termed ‘Friends of Raystede’. One looks around the charitable organisations of the country and wonders where is all this leading us? and why are charities needed? No charities should be needed on behalf of animals if human beings behaved correctly towards all life.”

Sensible Pets and Silly People [1990], page 181, by Miss M Raymonde-Hawkins,

founder of Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare, East Sussex.

Thank you for sharing.


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