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twitter-logoI am happy to tell you that we’ve reached our target of 8,000 signatures after last week’s five day petition challenge.  Thank you to every one who made that happen!  But of course we’re not stopping there!

We want to build on that momentum so I’ve signed up for Twitter @RaystedeVegan and I’m Tweeting about the petition every day.  This is picking up a few more signatures but imagine what could be achieved if all eight thousand signatories did the same!

I really need your help but I won’t take up hardly any of your time.  All I need you to do is follow @RaystedeVegan on Twitter, and then Retweet our daily Tweet.  That’s it.  One Tweet a day.  It’ll only take a second!

Thank you so much.

Petition Challenge: Day Five!

Gandhi quote at Raystede

Pictured here is the lovely Linda Barker in front of a decorative post close to Raystede’s reception building.  The photograph on it, of Raystede’s founder, is fastened under a quote from Gandhi:

“The greatness of a nation and its moral* progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

For those who have never been to Raystede let me tell you that this post is a mere twenty steps from the cafe where the animal corpses on sale speak volumes about the moral progress of Raystede.

They’ve placed it there without any embarrassment or sense of irony.  They seem to have no clue.

Raystede really needs help joining the dots – please help me help them.

Share the petition every day – a tweet a day only takes a second – and ask all your friends and followers to retweet.  We need to inundate Raystede with this message so that the penny finally drops.  Help us reach 8,000 signatures this week!


Thank you so much 🙂

* they omitted the word ‘moral’ from the Gandhi quote.  Freudian slip?

Petition Challenge: Day Four!

Raystede Governance

Raystede claims to be at the forefront of best practice when it comes to governance and yet they have been operating in contravention of the charity’s governing documents for nearly twenty years – ie since they opened the cafe.

When the charity was set up more than fifty years ago their governing documents stated:

Articles of Association, Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare
1. Objects:
1.1 The objects of the charity are
(1) To prevent and relieve cruelty to animals and to protect them from unnecessary suffering and to promote and encourage a knowledge and love of animals and of their proper care and treatment.

When we pointed out to them that they were acting in contravention of Article 1 by serving animal products in the cafe they ignored us.  They ignored us for years until they could take it no more – then, instead of correcting their behaviour, they changed their articles of association!!!!!!

Instead of honouring their founder’s wishes and her legacy, they rewrote her governing documents.  Just like that, knowing we were right, they changed the law to save themselves.  Raystede’s new objects read as follows:

The Objects of the Company are for the benefit of the public:
1.1 to advance education in animal welfare and its best practice through the promotion of the same to the general public; and
1.2 to provide humane treatment and care to animals and to ensure that they do not suffer by:
1.2.2 arranging appropriate sanctuary and re-homing facilities for animals in need; and/or
1.2.3 the provision of veterinary care and by the provision, maintenance and management of homes of rest, boarding establishments and hospitals for animals and/or by the provision of suitable work under the supervision of the charity, or by arranging for their painless destruction.

By removing the all-encompassing promise to prevent unnecessary suffering, and replacing it with an itemised list of what they will do, they have narrowed Raystede’s raison d’être.

It’s a miserable state of affairs when someone can just change the law retroactively after being exposed for flouting it.  Is that the world we live in now?

Well we’re not going to just sit quietly by while they do it!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SHARE the MAKE RAYSTEDE VEGAN petition on every social media platform you can and help us reach this week’s target of 8,000 signatures!

Thank you 🙂


Petition Challenge: Day Three!

Learning from Raystede

There may be some who think that a campaign to persuade Raystede to go vegan is low priority compared to other petitions about horrific animal abuse, and I can see why they might think that.

But the truth is that changing the practices of influential animal welfare organisations like Raystede has the potential to prevent suffering on the largest scale – the immeasurable suffering caused by the meat, dairy, egg and fish industries.

Their founder, Miss Raymonde-Hawkins wrote,

“I felt that while the work of Raystede at this time was touching on the current needs of domestic animals … I reviewed the sufferings of animals generally.  I asked myself, What is the greatest number of unprotected sufferers in the animal kingdom? There are some who would say the most urgent need is to stop stag-hunting. While I agree, yet I realise that there are only a few stags suffering, however dismally, annually. Others would protest that fox-hunting is the most vicious and cruel experience that any animal suffers, yet withal, I was bound to realise that the number of foxes that suffer is not so very great. Performing animals? How we would like to blot that off our so called civilised entertainment, but even including zoos and all the misery of captivity, really only a few hundred animals suffer. I decided that it was our markets and slaughterhouses, handling daily, as they do, thousands of animals up and down the country [6.4 Billion land and sea animals killed annually for the UK food supply], that needed the searchlight of our attention focussed upon them”

She knew that the only hope for a better future for animals was through education.

Learning from Raystede 2

“Education is all important and … We speak at an average of three meetings a week throughout the winter months, these talks are usually given to the older people who are confirmed in their ways … yet I know that the great opportunity lies in the opportunity to talk to children.”

Raystede continues to provide educational opportunities for families and schools but when the participants finish their lesson and pop into the cafe for some light refreshment or a hearty meal, they are taught that there are some animals they don’t have to care about.  Some animals are just for consumption.  Even animal lovers have these animals killed.

Think about it – a non-vegan animal lover will probably sooner or later start to wonder about the animals on their plate.  They’ll hope they didn’t suffer.  They’ll want to make sure.  Who would they ask?  Well, the butcher and the farmer may assure them that the animals were well cared for, and quickly and painlessly dispatched at the end, but who would be convinced by people with a vested interest?  If an animal charity, however, told them that they needn’t worry as long as they only buy meat, dairy and eggs from “High Welfare” farms …  well, that’s going to put a person’s mind at rest.  That’s going to keep them consuming those products with a clear conscience.  And maybe they’ll never question it again.

Since Raystede claims to be visited by 200,000 visitors every year, by selling meat, dairy, eggs and fish to those people they are influencing all of them to keep paying for cruelty.

Learning from Raystede 3

That’s why it’s SO IMPORTANT to get them to stop.  Imagine what could be achieved if they told the truth.   Please SHARE the petition FAR AND WIDE and help us reach this week’s target of 8,000 signatures!

Thank you so much 😀

Petition Challenge – Day Two!


The problem with Raystede is that, though they mean well and they do a lot of good, the people in charge are not great at joined-up thinking.

We have been asking them to take cruelty off the menu for three and a half years but they have simply ignored us.  With no sense of irony they excuse the meat and dairy on their menu by asserting that proceeds from the cafe go to help the animals in their care.  They proudly state that they save 2,000 animals a year through re-homing and sanctuary but conveniently block out the fact that at least 10,000 are killed for their cafe every year.

Help us to help them realise that if they made the cafe vegan they would increase their annual animal save to 12,000!

This week’s challenge is to reach 8,000 signatures on our petition to make Raystede vegan.  Share the petition on all your social media accounts – sign it and get everyone you know to sign it!  It only takes a second 😀

Thank you 🙂

Petition Challenge: Day One!


Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare was founded by Miss Mabel Raymonde-Hawkins in the 1950s.  She ran it for the animals – for any and all  animals who suffered and needed her help.  She wrote several books explaining what she did, why she did it, and where she was coming from, because she was compelled to work alongside many human beings who just didn’t get it and she dreaded the thought of what would happen to her sanctuary when she was no longer there to oversee it.

What she wrote – in Sensible Pets and Silly People, and Mercy On Us! – makes clear to anyone with eyes open, how Raystede is meant to be run.

“My own view, and that of every decent minded person, is that no animal should be caused to suffer at all for any reason.”

“It is somewhat the act of the ostrich to be willing to do, by proxy, what one has not the courage to do oneself in the slaughterhouse. … The slaughterhouse is an unpopular subject for discussion, and the more fond the meat-eater is of his steak and two vegetables, the less he seems to like discussing the market and the slaughterhouse.”

“[cooperating to make] the world a better place for all life to experience, from the lowliest creature crawling to the most magnificent of dignified jungle life.”

She was also very anxious in her desperate hopes for the future

“Those of us who have grown old in the work and who have so little to encourage us for the future welfare of animals can at least only hope that having carried the banner so far, we can, in falling, fling it to the hosts behind to carry on the work and hope that they will be more successful than we have been during this century.”

Knowing she would not live forever, she wrote these things down, I am sure, so that those who took over would not go astray in her absence.  She feared that most of the people she worked with, who meant well and had helped her make Raystede what it was, would not stick rigidly to the principles on which she founded it, once she was gone.

And sadly she was right.  Within a couple of years of her death in 1998, Raystede opened its cafe and those in charge followed money, not principle.  She used to frown at anyone who brought a ham sandwich to work, or a leather handbag,  but now they provide meat and other products of cruelty, for cash.

So it’s up to the rest of us who know what she knew – that no animal should be caused to suffer at all for any reason – to make them stop!

This week I will post every day, urging you to share the petition on Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and anywhere else on social media.  Ask your friends and followers to sign and share and get us to 8,000 signatures.

PLEASE.  It only takes a second 😀

New Year – New Menu?


I popped over to Raystede’s cafe page yesterday and it looked different.  I held my breath.  Did I dare hope?

I scrolled down past a photo of delicious-looking cake to the Specials Board (above).

Yes!  The beef pie was gone.  It was all vegan!

But my joy was fleeting.  The changes were only superficial.  The paragraphs beneath the photos were the same as before and a click to view the full menu revealed their “extensive” vegan options among  the almost three times as extensive meat, dairy, egg or fish options.

pigs at Raystede

Maybe we should be pleased that they’re at least trying to look vegan.  Is that a step in the right direction?  Perhaps they’d be open to meeting us half way and making a few edits to their menu that would at least make it more honest.   Hmm, well, I know they’re very busy so I’ve done it for them:

new Raystede menu noted vertical
click to enlarge

Please keep asking Raystede to stop having animals killed for their cafe.  Be relentless! Tell them you won’t give up ’til they do!  Remember: as long as respected animal rescue organisations make people feel good about their cruel choices, there is no hope for farmed animals.

And don’t forget to sign and share the petitionTweet it every day!

Thank you so so much!

beautiful cow


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